About Myself

I am Joscha Riedl.

A 35 year old, self tought and self employed graphic-/webdesigner based in Essen, Germany.

My interests range from photography, playing the guitar and technology to pc gaming, live streaming and video production.

Currently working on my (at time) solo instrumental project called KOMA.

The goal is to discover the more sludgy, ambient and very low tuned side of metal music.

I am a free speech absolutist.

A classic liberal with some more left leaning, but also some right leaning, conservative views on certain issues.

I like to debate and I am pretty open minded on almost every idea that is out there.

I dislike ideologies and therefore the concept of religions and their restrictive doctrines as a whole.

In case you just want to put a certain label on me, without knowing my stand on that certain issue, you can fuck off.

I am working on things.

There are bunch of things planned, since this covid bullshit is going to occupy us a little bit more than initially expected.

More music.

A few blog posts.

Maybe a podcast.

So keep your eyes peeled, since its not time for me to go yet.